No more searching
for your pencil.

No more dull or broken leads.

Includes sharpener, eraser, pull reel and
2 pencils.

More About the 'Handy Pencil'

A unique all-in-one solution - the pencil on a retractable cord, complete with sharpener and eraser. The retractable cord makes it SO easy to find!! Just clip it on to your belt or pocket and it’s always available when you need it.

No more searching for a pencil. No more frustration looking for a pencil sharpener. No more hunting for an eraser. Here is the all-in-one solution – the Handy Pencil.

Ideal for students, waitrons, crossword lovers, golfers, carpenters, list-makers, anyone who needs easy access to a pencil.

Eco-friendly - it’s always available - you don’t need to pick up a new pencil to keep score or take notes. Clip it on, sharpen it when necessary, erase your mistakes and just keep on using it!

  • Custom LOGO

    ATTENTION COMPANIES AND GOLF PROMOTERS: We can customise the Handy Pencil with your company logo for promotional give-aways, great prizes, etc.